About Cruise Line

About Cruise Line

something is very interesting when we can navigate the vast oceans and stop in a few places where we have not previously visited.That bit of the story of many of our colleagues who is a staff on cruise ships.

Many of those who feel a greater benefit, although in certain circumstances bad things can be found, like the necessity to leave the people he loved for a long time while undergoing his lease. It’s just the famous people with him who were able to keep himself in condition anything bad, so just as colleagues who work on many cruise ships that have proved themselves able to obtain the benefits for life.

Cruises or Cruise Line is known as Passenger Vessel is like a combination of technology with a very great man once. Iron, wood and electronic devices is formed into a multilevel deck-level, and can accommodate thousands of passengers following a variety of activities created as activities of employees in serve or provide service to all passengers, up to the guest’s own activities in the resort enjoy the journey.

Working on our Cruises Companies will be confronted with a policy or standard of work, that is the base five-star hotels, and Cruises itself is a transport company that sells its services, which is packaged in the form of tourist accommodation.

Employees who are involved in many of these companies usually include three Department or three parts, each part to function independently under the supervision of the Master (Captain). These three parts include:

Hotel Department,
Engine Department
Deck Department




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