Super Sanitization Plan Ship Staff Only

Super Sanitization Plan Ship Staff Only


This is a joint effort to be coordinated by the Hotel Manager and performed by all departments on the ship.

Housekeeping is to clean and sanitize all affected NLV cabins (pax and crew) and then perform a super-sanitization of the cabins.

Emphasis is to be placed on the need for detailed cleaning and thorough sanitization of each and every component of all identified cabins first.

Here is a list of supplies/products needed for the super sanitization.
Please set up the staging area for the other departments to get their supplies/replenishments (please determine best location to suit your needs). (Place protective plastic carpet mask if using tables and chemicals over carpeted area)

Provide the following supplies: (and they will need to be replenished throughout the day):

  • 40 Labeled and filled bottles 32oz bottles with Virox
  • 3 each, 5-gallon containers of diluted Virox
  • 5 cases of Wypalls (disposable paper wipes)
  • 5 back-pack sprayers filled with Virox
  • An adequate supply of Plastic disposable Gloves
  • 2 cases bio-degradable laundry bags
  • 2 cases trash bags
  • 2 energetic GPA HK, to be used as runners to assist with replenishing supplies.

Please ensure that all infected staterooms are totally stripped of all soft goods except for curtains, drapes and bed skirts. Of course, this is not possible in the cabins that remain in isolation. Ensure that all pillows and accent runners in infected staterooms are removed and taken to laundry in water-soluble laundry bags. Also, please ensure that all previously supplied guest room amenities are disposed of including toilet paper and facial tissue.

Mini-bar items will need to be removed and sprayed including refrigerators.

All staterooms infected must be stripped, cleaned and super sanitized by Housekeeping.

Conduct a briefing with the other departments. They should consider all areas potentially affected.

The individual departments are to sanitize their own areas:

  • Beauty salon, greenhouse spa and gym (all rooms).
  • Guest and crew gangway areas.
  • The infirmary
  • All public areas (restaurants and lounges, and common areas, as they become available)
  • All shops
  • All public restrooms after they are cleaned by Housekeeping
  • All self serve Laundromats (guest and crew).
  • Crew areas including crew gym, crew restrooms, crew corridor handrails and cabin doorknobs, and all crew staircases (FWD, MID, AFT)

As much as possible, complete any public areas that can be sealed off, the night before. The shops and casino need to conduct a thorough cleaning of their areas tonight, prior to (insert port). If you have yellow caution tape or stanchions to block off the casino and any other areas completed after cleaning, use it/them. Just make sure they are removed prior to embarkation

Historically, no fruit will be supplied to staterooms for embarkation when super-sanitizing after code red (Hotel Manager to make the final decision)
Ice service will only be provided as per guest request (Hotel Manager-makes final decision)
As related to the deck department, can we ensure that all tenders are super-sanitized with Virox?

Please prepare a list of affected cabins, using the format of the attached Excel file.
Using this list, you will place an “X” through the cell in the “Cleaned by CBS” column to indicate Housekeeping completed cleaning and sanitizing and then advise/dispatch the super sanitization team so they can proceed with those specific staterooms. Once the room has been done, you will place an “X” through the cell in the “Super-Sanitized” column to indicate final completion of both Housekeeping and Super Sanitization Team. To simplify tracking progress, you will want to indicate the room is dispatched/assigned by making a single stroke in the appropriate cell/column, and then completing the “X” with the second stroke when final inspections are complete (see legend). Simply put, there are 4 stages to each room; 2 dispatching stages and 2 sanitizing stages.

The goal is to do all cabins and public areas, first, so early embarkation may proceed on time.
Then afterwards, move into the crew areas and crew staircases, so they are out of guest areas.




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