Bathrobes Presentation

Bathrobes Presentation

At Holland America Line we are proud to provide our guests with premium bathrobes.
The presentation of the bathrobes is very important, as poorly presented bathrobes do not reflect our commitment to delivering a premium cruise experience, or motivate a guest to purchase one.

Every bathrobe must be closely examined before they are put on the hangers for final presentation, as proper appearance is essential (cleanliness, fraying threads, wrinkles, etc.).

Soiled robes must be returned to laundry for rewash and tattered bathrobes must be removed from circulation. Wrinkled bathrobes are to be rewashed to remove the wrinkles. The best way to deal with wrinkles is to hang the robes on the hangers immediately after being removed from the dryer.

The Cabin Steward is entirely responsible for the proper presentation of the bathrobes in guest staterooms. At each service, the Cabin Stewards should check if the bathrobes are soiled.
If the bathrobes are soiled and/or are too wet, they must be replaced with fresh bathrobes.

There is no need to place the bathrobe cards over the hangers after the first day.




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