Habits & Control Measures

Habits & Control Measures

This article is used for Sanitation Training for each crew in the Hotel Department On Board – Holland America Line

Cockroaches have lived on this earth for over 300 million years. Causing problems for man since he took his first step. 2 million years later, they are still a problem. Cockroaches, feed on garbage, human & animal waste and any food that is not protected. They also carry harmful bacteria and virus on the outside of their bodies. Clean food & utensils can be contaminated by the bacteria and viruses that are brushed off its body. Everywhere they go, they spread contamination by dropping feces. These are some reasons why cockroaches can cause problems in a food service operation. They must be controlled at all times.

Remove all sources of food by cleaning your work areas. Cockroaches need food to live. Cockroaches can live a long time on a tiny crust of bread. Cleaning regularly also helps to remove their eggs before they have a chance to hatch. Garbage must be stored in containers with tight fitting lids. Do not let cockroaches get into the food – KEEP FOOD COVERED.
Remove all places where cockroaches can live. Cockroaches need only a very small place to hide. All cracks and open spaces in decks & bulkheads must be repaired.




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