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Housekeeping Topic
Mula-mula akan dikenal bagaimana prosedur mengurusi locker / station dimana terdapat beberapa barang yang perlu dimengerti.

There are

  1. Ice Machine Maker
  2. Glass washing machine
  3. Glass Rack
  4. Towel, Amenities Locker
  5. Cleaning material locker
  6. Dan sebagainya….

What to know when going to take care of the station

  1. You have to make sure that everything has to be organized, cleaned and sanitized.
  2. No boxes in the locker
  3. Glass washing machine must be in good condition and the temperature for washing (110 F) rinsing (160af) and sanitizing (180).
  4. Don’t put anything on the floor. At least 15 cm above the floor.

Itu dulu aja dech… Lain kali kita ulas lagi yang lain. Semoga bermanfaat