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Nunggaksemi Community can be part of backpackers or volunteers

Many friends coming other country to visit MedWist Indonesia to do volunteering. Now I have settled in my home in Solo Central Java. I have decided to shrae my passion and experiences with the younger generation by setting up a special program. It is a preparatory course for students going to work on the cruise line or hotels.

Nunggaksemi is our community based on MedWist arts and cultures. The scope of activities extends to other areas. Nunggaksemi is more flexible to “Nunggak”, means to regenerate to grow and explore the beautiful cultures of Indonesia.

Established in September 2020 in Parangjoro Village, by Adik Wibowo the founder of MedWist, Sularso, Danang S.N, Adhimas Suratmanand Bejo. We have Pendopo MedWist as Nunggaksemi workshop/ studio. Nunggaksemi also partners with educational institutions, agencies, or goverment institutions.

If you have time to go to Indonesia, just come and join us for doing volunteer and sharing your experiences with us.

Java – Indonesia has many beautiful places to visit, such as Kraton, Temples, Panoraas and much more.