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Kumpulan Cerpen Berbahasa Inggris Lumayan Buat Latihan Pengucapan Guyssss

Hai guys, kamu sedang mencari cerpen berbahasa inggris untuk meningkatkan skill mu atau untuk bahan bacaan mu? Berikut ini kumpulan dari cerpen berbahasa inggris untuk level dasar. Dibagian palung bawah kamu akan temukan link dari cerpen-cerpen dibawah ini. Jangan lupa untuk mengunjungi laman web aslinya juga ya.

The Lamb and The Wolf
Once there was a naughty lamb. His mother always loved her child so much that she worried about the safety of the child. His mother always warned him, “Be careful! You must not go into the forest. Wild animals live in there. They may threaten you. Sometimes they would eat you.” But the mischievous lamb never listened. The lamb
casually went into the forest and played there for a long time till it turned dark in the evening. One day, as usual the lamb wandered far off into the forest. There he saw a spring. “Iam thirsty. Let me drink some water,” he thought. He decided to take water from the spring for his thirsty. While the lamb was drinking water in the spring, a wolf watched
from behind a tree.

“A lamb! My lucky day!” the wolf thought, approaching the lamb. The lamb was not aware of the wolf for some time. There was no one besides these two animals to save the lamb from the wolf.

“You know this forest belongs only to wild animals like me. Why have you come in here to take water from this spring?” asked the wolf. The lamb knew that wolves were dangerous animals. “Mother has warned me about
wolves. I am sure this fellow wants to eat me for his lunch. This fellow is ferocious. I must escape from this animal,” he thought. The wolf continued, “You are also dirtying water. How will I drink this polluted water now?”

“But the spring flows from where you are standing down to where I am standing, Sir!” said the lamb, in a meek voice. The wolf was surprised to hear such an intelligent answer from the lamb. But the wolf was just looking for an excuse to kill the lamb. “How dare you argue with me? I think you are the same lamb who had abused me last year,”the wolf shouted.

“Last year? Bur Sir, I was not even born then!” the lamb squeaked. The lamb feared that the wolf was looking after a pretext to kill the lamb. The lamb became cautious of its words and gestures. This way both the lamb and the wolf talked to each other cautiously.

The lamb heard some woodcutters. They were coming the way in which the lamb and the wolf were standing. “”If I can keep talking to this wolf for a little while longer, the woodcutters will be here. They will chase him away,” thought the clever lamb. So, he said, “Mr. Wolf, you are right. I have dirtied the water. But, I did not mean to upset you. “This way the lamb kept on talking for few more minutes. As the lamb spoke, the woodcutters arrived. They saw both the lamb and the wolf.

They caught the wolf and beat him before letting him go. The lamb was relieved to be safe. He ran back to his mother. He told her his mother what had happened in the forest with the wolf and the woodcutter. And then he promised his mother never to wander into the forest again.

The Ignorant Man
There was a village in a kingdom. There was living a milkman. His name was Deenu. He had built his hut far away from his village, in the woods. He loved the quietness of the woods rather than the noisy atmosphere of the village. He lived in his hut with his two cows. He fed them well and took proper care of them. Everyday he took the two cows to a nearby lake to bath them. The two cows gave more milk. With the milk that the two cows gave, he earned enough money to live happily. Deenu was an honest man. Though he was content, at times he would be restless.

“There is so much wrong and evil in this world. Is there nobody to guide the people?” this thought made his sad every now and then. One evening, the ignorant man, Deenu was returning home after selling milk in the village. He saw a saint sitting under a tree and meditating. He slowly walked up to him and waited for the saint to open his eyes. He was happy to be with the saint for some time. He decided to wait there itself till the saint opened his eyes.
After a while, the saint slowly opened his eyes. He was surprised to see a man patiently sitting beside him. “What do you want?” asked the saint humbly.

“I want to know what the path to Truth and Piety is? Where shall I find Honesty?” asked Deenu. The saint smiled and said, “Go to the pond nearby and ask the fish the same question. She will give you the answer.” Then as asked to do, the ignorant man, Deenu went to the nearby pond and asked the same question to the fish. The fish said, “O kind man! First, bring me some water to drink.” Deny was surprised. He said, “You live in water. But you still want water to drink?

How strange!”
At this moment, the fish replied, “You are right. And that gives you the answer to your question as well. Truth, Piety and honesty are inside the heart of a man. But being ignorant, he searches for them in the outer world. Instead of wandering here and there, look within yourself and you will find them.”This gave an immense satisfaction to Deenu. He thanked the fish and walked home a wiser man. He changed the way in which he saw this world as well as himself. From that day, Deenu never felt restless. He took his best to carry this massage to the rest of his fellow human beings. All his friends accepted him as their master and consulted him to overcome their mental problems. He led them properly.

The Greedy Dog
O nce there lived a dog. He was very greedy. There were many times that he had to pay for his greed. Each time the dog promised himself, “I have learnt my lesson. Now I will never be greedy again.” But he soon forgot his promises and was as greedy as ever. One afternoon, the dog was terribly hungry. He decided to go look for something to eat. Just outside his house, there was a bridge. “I will go and look for food on the other side of the bridge. The food there is definitely better,” he thought to himself. He walked across the wooden bridge and started sniffing around for food. Suddenly, he spotted a bone lying at a distance. “Ah, I am in luck. This looks a delicious bone,” he said.

Without wasting any time, the hungry dog picked up the bone and was just about to eat it, when he thought, “Somebody might see here with this bone and then I will have to share it with them. So, I had better go home and eat it.” Holding the bone in his mouth, he ran towards his house.

While crossing the wooden bridge, the dog looked down into the river. There he saw his own reflection. The foolish dog mistook it for another dog. “There is another dog in the water with bone in its mouth,” he thought. Greedy, as he was, he thought, “How nice it would be to snatch that piece of bone as well. Then, I will have two bones.” So, the greedy dog looked at his reflection and growled. The reflection growled back, too. This made the dog angry. He looked down at his reflection and barked, “Woof! Woof!” As he opened his mouth, the bone in his mouth fell into the river. It was only when the water splashed that the greedy dog realized that what he had seen was nothing but his own reflections and not another dog. But it was too late. He had lost the piece of bone because of his greed. Now he had to go hungry.

The Clever Crow
Once upon a time there lived a crow. She had built her nest on a tree. At the root of the same tree, a snake had built its home. Whenever the crow laid eggs, the snake would eat them up. The crow felt helpless. “That evil snake. I must do something. Let me go and talk to him,” thought the crow. The next morning, the crow went to the snake and said politely, “Please spare my eggs, dear friend. Let us live like good neighbors and not disturb each other.”
“Huh! You cannot expect me to go hungry. Eggs are what I eat,” replied the snake, in a nasty tone. The crow felt angry and she thought, “I must teach that snake a lesson.”

The very next day, the crow was flying over the King’s palace. She saw the Princess wearing an expensive necklace. Suddenly a thought flashed in her mind and she swooped down, picked up the necklace in her beak and flew off to her nest. When the Princess saw the crow flying off with her necklace, she screamed, “Somebody
help, the crow has taken my necklace.”

Soon the palace guards were running around in search of the necklace. Within a short time the guards found the crow. She still sat with the necklace hanging from her beak. The clever crow thought, “Now is the time to act.” And she dropped the necklace, which fell right into the snake’s pit of house.

When the snake heard the noise, it came out of its pit of house. The palace guards saw the snake. “A snake! Kill it!” they shouted. With big sticks, they beat the snake and killed it. Then the guards took the necklace and went back to the princess. The crow was happy, “Now my eggs will be safe,” she thought and led a happy and peaceful life.