The People Of Parangjoro Opened Their Hearts

The People Of Parangjoro Opened Their Hearts

In the beginning, I didn’t know what to expect about Parangjoro. Actually I was in MedWist managed by Adik & Indri (Located in Parangjoro – Grogol – Sukoharjo) for the Language Exchange.  For sure I didn’t expect that it would suddenly start feeling like a second home, that I’d feel become a part of the family. I stayed in Adik & Indri’ house, that my spirit with go so much along with people from totally different cultures. 

I didn’t know that I’d be crying when I was leaving and that I’d start feeling safer and more welcome than in my own country. The people of Parangjoro opened their hearts for me and shared their stories, their hopes, dreams, and their fears. I stayed there only for two weeks, but I’ve learned a lot about local culture, traditions, and relations. 

I personally it’s the best and most beautiful way to learn about the country- staying with local people, to see their world through their eyes. Parangjoro is a small village, but it’s full of amazing people and experiencing waiting behind the corner, If you’re willing to open up for it, get out of your comfort zone and have some trust. It’s filled with beautiful views, with honest hearts, helpful hands, adventurous spirits, and delicious food.

Julia Blatkiewicz – Polandia





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